Untitled, 1966. Oil painting by Joachim GUTSCHE


Untitled, 1966. Oil painting on canvas by Joachim GUTSCHE (1926-2012 GER), hand-signed and dated. Framed by the artist with wooden slats.


Edition: Original artwork/one of a kind

Size: 80 x 61 cm

Condition: Excellent

Artist and oeuvre: Art studies at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin with Hans Jaenisch, Hans Uhlmann and Bernhard Doerries. From 1954 to 1956 imprisonment in the German Democratic Republic. From the mid-eighties until his death in 2012 complete withdrawal from the art business. In a life of ascetic seclusion obsessive and exclusive occupation with painting and drawing.

„He was painting until late at night, every night. No television, sometimes a newspaper. A colorful world. One always thinks that people with delusions produce mad paitings: black in black, cries from an opened mouth. But delusion can be a wise place of retreat. To be fully with oneself excludes everyone else. That’s protecting, makes cheerful. This thin line on which all artists balance: exalted or respectable, maniac or bourgois, poseur or poet. Or all at once. Without letting the others find out.“ (G. Eisenhauer, Der Tagesspiegel July 7, 2013)

The current exhibition Joachim Gutsche - Gebrochene Identität at Kunshaus Dahlem in Berlin shows paintings from the 1950s and 60s:


In co-production with Galerie Fango in Cottbus, an exhibition catalogue was released in 2016:




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