Rorschach blot painting. Untitled, 1965. Gouache by Georg A. ROEMER


Rorschach blot painting. Untitled, 1965. Gouache on strong vellum by Georg A. RÖMER (1892-1972 GER). Dated and hand-signed with the monogram. Mounted on strong cardboard by the artist

Image size: 28.5 x 29.5 cm

Size of backing cardboard: 35 x 46 cm

Condition: Almost perfect. Blot painting perfect, backing cardboard corners slightly bent

Artist and oeuvre: See Wikipedia. Georg A. Roemer was an influencial German neurologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. In collaboration with it's inventor, Hermann Rorschach, Roemer modified the "Rorschach test", the most widely used "projective task" in psychoanalysis.

"Die von G.A.Roemer ausgearbeiteten Tests ermöglichen Feststellungen von komplexen psychischen Vorgängen, wie keine andere Methode." (Carl Gustav Jung)

Roemers colorful blot paintings are interesting also from an artistic and aesthetic viewpoint. Many of his monogrammed and dated works found their way in art collections already during Roemers lifetime


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