Fluxus. „I am glad if I can stamp“, 1971/1986. Multiple by Endre TÓT


Fluxus. „I am glad if I can stamp“, 1971/1986. Multiple (stamp print on light cardboard) by Endre TOT (*1937 HUN), hand-signed, numbered (73/100) and dated.


Paper size: 29.6 x 21.0 cm

Image size: -

Condition: Excellent. A flawless print

Artist and oeuvre: See Wikipedia. Hungarian Endre Tót is an imporant proponent of Fluxus- and Conceptual Art.

„In the 1960s, Tót gained a reputation as a painter of art informel. In 1970, he stopped painting and declared a state of zero, which was to develop great significance for his future artistic work. From then onward, nothingness and absence on the one hand, and complete affirmation through his TÓTalJOY works on the other hand, were to mark the two poles of his oeuvre. He thus produced black pictorial surfaces that represented absent paintings and challenged the viewer with their titles, as well as book objects in which the text was made almost entirely illegible by innumerable zeros written over it. On the other hand, Tót declared his great happiness in numerous actions, printed material and pictures: “We are glad if we are happy” [...]“ (from the website fluxus-east.eu)



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