Cross all your skies see the silent writing, 2017. Mezzotint by Natalia STACHON


"Cross all your skies see the silent writing", 2017. Mezzotint on light Hahnemuehle Alt Worms cardboard by Natalia STACHON (*1976 POL/Ger), hand-signed. An artwork from the series of the same name published by Edition Griffelkunst, Hamburg


Paper size: 48.5 × 39.0 cm

Image size: 40 × 30 cm

Condition: Excellent. A flawless print

Artist and oeuvre: See the artist's website or entry on the website of the representing gallery LOOCK.

"In her cycle of drawings Cross all your skies see the silent writing, Natalia Stachon has dealt with a phenomenon that the inhabitants of Los Angeles call "Night Sun": the artificial and threatening light of the searchlights of police helicopters that circle over nocturnal L.A. and partially turn night into day. And this not only over the problem districts, but also over the wealthy parts of the city, to protect their inhabitants from unwanted intruders. "Night Sun" appears here as a symbol of power, control, and paranoia - the "ecology of fear" that, according to American sociologist and historian Mike Davis, increasingly characterizes the cityscape of Los Angeles." (Brigitte Bedei in the accompanying text of Griffelkunst)


Note: For technical reasons, colors of the images depicted here may differ somewhat from the original.

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