ZERO. Strichkomposition "74/11", 1974. Serigraph by Oskar HOLWECK


ZERO. Strichkomposition "74/11", 1974. Serigraph on light cardboard by Oskar HOLWECK (1924-2007 GER), hand-signed and dated. Edition Griffelkunst, Hamburg

Paper size: 64.5 x 50.0 cm

Image size: -

Condition: Very good. Minimal traces of ageing and handling

Artist and oeuvre: Together with Heinz Mack and Otto Piene, Oskar Holweck was a member of the artist's collective ZERO. Holweck declined several invitations to participate in Documenta exhibitions.

Note: For technical reasons, colors of the images depicted here may differ somewhat from the original.

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